Power & Energy Management

Meeting Changing Demands

Why Manage your Energy Consumption?

In today’s world, energy and demand costs have a definite impact on your company’s bottom line. To be a well-informed energy consumer, you must know how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use electric power the most, and how much you pay for it. It’s also important to understand the quality of the power you use. Poor power quality reduces productivity and shortens equipment life, which can drive down your company’s profits. Start controlling your energy costs today with a solution from Rockwell Automation.

A Complete Portfolio

With our Power & Energy Management Solutions (PEMS) you gain access to a complete portfolio of systems, products, communications and applications from your Complete Automation leader.

  • Systems — PEMS offers turnkey-engineered energy systems configured to your company’s specific needs. These systems leverage Rockwell Automation’s 30 years of experience developing engineered systems, and provide you with a single point of contact, making your system easy to implement and maintain.
  • Products — Combining our full line of power monitoring hardware with Allen-Bradley’s controllers, I/O, MCCs and drives provides unique and exclusive functionality to help you manage your energy. PEMS software helps you configure our power monitors and capture, analyze, store, and share real time energy data across your entire enterprise through standard web browser access.
  • Communications — Using data effectively means having it at your fingertips. We realize that moving the data to where it is needed across your plant is just as important as making the measurement. Fortunately, our power monitors offer a variety of communication options to PCs, PLCs, and other operator interface and control devices.
  • Applications — Putting all the pieces together is the strength of PEMS. Our applications focus on saving you money by enabling you to renegotiate your rates, prevent costly power quality problems, identify and correct power delivery issues, and control demand to avoid penalties.

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