A. Rack Server Panduit

download1Panduit provides cabinet, rack and cable management systems for data centers, telecommunications equipment rooms, and enterprise cabling applications. This comprehensive product offering addresses power, cooling, space and cable management challenges, enabling reduced energy consumption, enhanced network reliability, and optimized space utilization.

B. Cable Management Panel

What’s special about NetRunner Vertical Cable Manager?

  • Easily installed vertical cable manager for clean wire distribution along your server rackdownload2
  • Has abundant wide spaced finger openings allowing often over 24 CAT6 patch cords to be routed per space
  • Controls bend radius to protect cables from hidden crushes, kinks and snags
  • Enhances air flow, prevents thermal damage to appliances

Panduit NetRunner Vertical Cable Managers provide a cost effective solution to organize, protect, and manage network cabling in telecommunications rooms and data centers. Cable management fingers simplify cable routing during installation and maintenance. Bend radius control helps protect cables from kinks, snags, and crushing, ensuring system performance and reliability. When used with Panduit MiniCom™ Patch Panels and horizontal cable managers, the user receives a showcase for their network cabling.

C. Fiber Optic Technology


Innovations in optical fiber technology are revolutionizing world communications. Newly developed fiber amplifiers allow for direct transmission of high-speed signals over transcontinental distances without the need for electronic regeneration. Optical fibers find new applications in data processing. The impact of fiber materials, devices, and systems on communications in the coming decades will create an abundance of primary literature and the need for up-to-date reviews.

Optical Fiber Technology: Materials, Devices, and Systems is a new cutting-edge journal designed to fill a need in this rapidly evolving field for speedy publication of regular length papers. Both theoretical and experimental papers on fiber materials, devices, and system performance evaluation and measurements are eligible, with emphasis on practical applications.


Issues and Applications Covered Include:

• Optical fiber components
• New fiber materials and designs
• Fiber lasers and amplifiers
• Fiber switching, memory, and signal processing
• Modulation format for transmission systems
• Fiber nonlinearities and countermeasures
• Long-haul transmission systems
• Fiber local area networks
• Fiber sensors and instrumentation

The journal provides valuable information for engineers and researchers in optical fiber technology, in both industry and academia.

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