Getting the most out of your technology architecture always involve the readiness of your workforce. With the fast developing technology, your employees are your key to greater efficiency, which will lead to greater profitability. How to keep your employees updated and refreshed on their knowledge and skills?

TOP is one of the very few industrial automation and PLC providers in Indonesia that have compounded the commitment to delivering quality supports by providing intensive customer training programs. We are offering an extensive range of courses and training (PLC Automation Training, SCADA Training, etc) that is designed to refresh and expand your employees’ knowledge and skills in the industrial automation and electrical installation.

Our Training List:



Design and Engineering

We understand that your goal to have a low cost and efficient production lines becomes your primary concern. With our proven track record in the automation industry, our consultants are ready to help you indetify your requirements for integrated architecture.

We share your value of efficiency and productivity, thus you can rely on our commitment to bring the appropriate solution for your improved production time. We are ready to assist you gathering your requirements, planning your architecture, and executing the solution to bring you the appropriate automation architecture suitable to your business.

Our highly-skilled experts are specially trained in the automation industry. Combined with our experience of serving customers of a broad range of industry, we believe that we can come up with the best recommedation.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

We understand that every incidence of production downtime is expensive, hence, we also have a team of specialists ready to trouble shoot any automation system problem and to promptly identify and install the appropriate solution.

Our technical support are ready to be your partner to help you identify and determine areas that you think contributes to your production downtime. Our approach employs comprehensive analysis of your system and equipments to ensure that we can come up with a recommendation for the solution to your problems.

Our maintenance standard and control also ensure that your equipments operates at the given standard of operation level. We believe that standardized procedure and condusive working environment will prolong the lifespan of your valuable production assets.

Automation Solution for your Industries

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